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Director’s Cut


Here are a few words from the director of Zangoora, Jaane-E-Jigar and now Oye Balle Balle, the Broadway-style Bollywood musical, Viraf Sarkari. “It’s only rehearsal, rehearsal and rehearsal, there is no retake” – Viraf Sarkari

Producers’ Take

From Viraf Sarkari​, Andre Timmins and Sabbas Joseph

“When this musical, #OyeBalleBalle was conceived it was conceived to travel and we plan to travel with #OyeBalleBalle all over the world.” Here are a few words from the people who gave life to this 7-8-year-old idea, our Producers, Viraf Sarkari​, Andre Timmins and Sabbas Joseph​.



Participant at Dance India Dance, actor at ABCD: Any Body Can Dance, choreographer at Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, a judge at Dance Plus 3 and now the choreographer for OyeBalleBalle, Punit J. Pathak shares a few words about his journey with this wonderful Bollywood musical.


Casting Director

“Casting was a very important part of this Broadway style Bollywood Musical, Oye Balle Balle, with choosing actors who could dance, sing and act”. Here’s Casting Director, Mukesh Chabbra with a few words about his journey with OyeBalleBalle.


Hair & Make Up Designer

“Everything about stage shows is grand. It has to be loud, it has to be more vibrant, it has to be more attention grabbing.” Here’s hair & make up designer, Farzana Jussawalla with her experience with OyeBalleBalle.


Graphic Designer

“This whole journey is a memorable one as right from the onset. It took us almost 20 machines to render out all multiple things at the same time.” The Graphic Designer, Anirbandeep Dutta shares a few words about his journey with this wonderful Bollywood musical, OyeBalleBalle.


Vocal Trainer

“It’s been fantastic being a team and being a family with such a large group of people. It was also to great fun to design their tonality according to the character that they have to hold.” Here’s the Vocal trainer, Vasundhara Vidalur sharing her experience with OyeBalleBalle.

Vekeana Dhillon

Dialogue Writer & Stage Play

“The greatest things about writing this musical was the leap I had to make in terms of the range of characters. And truth been told, I knew I was in very safe hands as a writer when I understood that the production’s being put-up by Wizcraft.” – Vekeana Dhillon, Dialogue Writer and Stage Play.

Nikhil Koparde

Music Director

“so working with the team like Wizcraft and Viraf is always challenging in a way and whole idea too is to come together and do something exciting and do something new for the audience which they haven’t seen till date. A music composer is always excited about such projects because you get a lot of new things to try out an experiment the biggest challenge would be to sink in with the live performances on stage there are close to 23 songs with the show out of which 819 are being sung life by the actor the title track was basically a one liner brief from the route of the terrestrial loud punjabi song and especially a wedding anthem of this year or the next year.” – Nikhil Koparde, Music Director.

Malvika Bajaj

Costume Designer

“The whole idea of costume designing is to understand the script, character, Visualization. I think it’s just the most important part but it was very difficult, this is my first musical. In shoots, it’s very different because we can go and do their fixing and fittings at the last minute. But here it’s like a every thing has to be perfect. So yeah it was quite learning I would say to work with Viraf and it was a great experience.” – Malvika Bajaj, Costume Designer.

Beckett Tundatil

Lighting Designer

“It was a fun experience working on this show. Lighting has made a big different in this show. Hope it dose wonderful all around India and the world.” – Beckett Tundatil, Lighting Designer.

The Stars go Oye Balle Balle

Darshan Jariwala

Darshan Jariwala says if you want to understand and feel the total concept of a theatre then Oye Balle Balle is the best place to experience it.

Arshad Warsi

“I think it was grand. Loved the way the whole effects were happening, the videography was happening, it was very good, very enjoyable. It really felt like I attended a huge wedding. I think it was spectacular.” – Arshad Warsi

Hussain Kuwajerwala

“Guys you have to come and see the show. It’s out of this world. It’s amazing. It is as you call the big fat Indian Wedding, this is a big fat Indian Wedding. You will feel you are part of the family and you are watching all your characters there.” – Hussain Kuwajerwala

Gauhar and Nigaar Khan

“There is no dull moment. It is absolute entertainment. People who love movies and loves bollywood will love this.” – Gauhar and Nigaar Khan

Harshdeep Kaur

“There was so many beautiful moments that made you laugh your heart out and you wanted to sing along. There were moments that gave you goosebumps, the choreography, the singing, the dancing, everything was beautiful. Hats off to Wizcraft.” – Harshdeep Kaur

Miss Malini

“I think it was really fun because I love Bollywood movies, it was great to see on the stage. It was like big fat Indian Wedding for sure and I think they did a great job singing live especially.” – Miss Malini

Ramesh Sippy

“I loved it. The lighting, the stage craft and the music ofcourse, the performances was really engaging, kept you entertained all the way, even touched you. So that’s what a big fat Indian Wedding is all about.” – Ramesh Sippy

Kashmira Irani

“It was truly a balle balle wedding. I felt like jumping from my seat then I actually felt like dancing and doing some balle balle steps.” – Kashmira Irani

Dolly Thakore

“There was so much energy, there was so much color, there was so much rhythm, it was absolutely fantastic and they were really good.” – Dolly Thakore

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