Oye Balle Balle

A Bollywood Musical Comedy

India’s Leading Media and Entertainment Company – Wizcraft International announces its newest production – The Biggest and Craziest Indian Wedding theatrical, Oye Balle Balle. After super successful productions, Zangoora, Jhumroo and Jaan-e-Jigar, Wizcraft is back with a magnificent Broadway styled musical comedy which combines the popularity of Bollywood music and the craziness of an Indian wedding.

Taking theatre a notch higher, Oye Balle Balle combines the best of western theatre with all the drama surrounding a Big Fat Indian (Punjabi) Wedding!

Resplendent with electrifying performances, lavish sets and world-class technology, Oye Balle Balle is a humorous presentation of Indian weddings known world over to be larger than life. The storyline weaves through love stories, mix-ups, relationships, emotions and celebration, brought alive by endearing characters that audiences will immediately identify with.

Wizcraft has always brought innovation to entertainment and given the world some of its best experiences. With Oye Balle Balle, it’s back to re-ignite the magic. The two-hour spectacle features 48 talented stars singing 25 iconic Bollywood songs live as they simultaneously entertain the audiences with their phenomenal performances, dazzling costumes, breathtaking visuals and sizzling choreography.

Balle Balle has been directed by Mr Viraf Sarkari and produced by Andre Timmins, Sabbas Joseph and Viraf Sarkari.

The much awaited show premiered in Mumbai at the Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir on 9th November 2017 followed by weekly shows. With a Bollywood themed production and an interesting story line, it shall keep the audiences hooked to their seats guessing the conclusion right till the end!

Oye Balle Balle Synopsis

One too many heartbreaks has Swag, an NRI Rap Star blindly gave in to his melodramatic family’s plan for an arranged marriage. Their quest for a suitable bride has a bumbling matchmaker, Nikhil, using the opportunity to clear the obstacle to his hush-hush courtship to Nisha by presenting her older sister, Isha who’s grudgingly waiting for her fearsome and finicky Father to approve an exceptional match.

But mishaps and miscommunication complicate a simple meeting preventing Isha’s introduction and Nisha is ultimately engaged to an unsuspecting Swag for a fast-tracked wedding later that week. When Swag does set eyes on Isha, its love at first sight but it’s too late.

Trapped in their own dilemmas, Swag and Nisha make a reluctant couple until after a fumbling series of events they confess to each other the true objects of their affection – Isha and Nikhil. Harbouring their secret romances, the two couples struggle to assert themselves against the pressures of family honor.

Wedding festivities progress and chaos ensues as unexpected love stories blossom between families and friends and when courage finally leaps out of these love-filled hearts, decisions are made; ensuring one man’s great big crazy wedding just got a whole lot crazier!